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BlackSacks.co.uk is a division of Polybags specialising in black bags. Established in 1961 and trading online since 1999, Polybags Ltd specialises in providing quality polythene and polypropylene products at competitive prices.

Everyone is talking about rubbish bags

There is currently no exemption for biodegradable bags. We completed a review of industry standards for the biodegradability of lightweight plastics in December 2015. The review found that there are a number of standards for plastic bag biodegradability.

ratiolab Waste Disposal Bags, normal, 72 l, 700 x 1100 x 0.05 mm

ratiolab® Waste Disposal Bags, normal, 72 l,...

Black Mailing Bags

Cardinal Bag Supplies is the optimal place for Black Mailing Bags.

One Response to Black sacks: my recent press commentary

At the time I manufactured this comment: The decision to save £47,000 by no longer providing black waste sacks is one that could easily be a false economy. Litter and fly-tipping feature big in plenty councillours' casework inboxes, and this cut has the potential to make this an even bigger feature. Whilst most households will grudgingly purchase their possess supply of black sacks, there will be those who select either to dump all in the pink sacks, to use carrier bags and the like, or to only throw their normal trash wherever they can acquire away with it. All these options will increase the workload for street cleaners and will add more woes for the neighbours.

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Is it potential to escape from a US mail bag that's sealed in two wheelie bin bags before your air runs out? Oh yes, youre also wearing a prison transport belt and a Posey transport jacket!

Brabantia Bin Liners

Brabantia Bin Liners Size A 3 L 20 Bags packaging suppliers Co Uk Kitchen

There is a proper time and a proper place for putting out waste bags on the street for assortment in Westminster

There are set times for those who want to place waste bags and bundles of carton on the street for assortment, regardless of whether these are from a household or a business and irrespective of who will collect them . If someone other than Westminster City Council/Veolia is going to collect your waste you need to make sure that you have manufactured them aware of the assortment times in your street. The assortment times of all street in Westminster can be found via this link .

Moschino's Jeremy Scott manufactured use of anything and all from upholstery material to shower curtains, even waste, making use of black waste bags for dresses to bicycle wheels and waste bin lids as brimmed hats. Candelabras and feather dusters were alsoold in position of headbands.

Rexel Plastic AS1000 Shredder Waste Sacks

Rexel's paper shredder waste sacks are designed to ensure that your paper waste disposal process is as simple and convenient as potential. With now's ever increasing demand for online special/financial information it can be a challenge to keep safe your information that you want to remain confidential. One method to safeguard your special information - whether it be at home or in the office - is to shred it before you place it into the bin. These waste sacks are clean, lightweight and simple to use. Once full, simply seal up the sack with the safe seal strip and put out for assortment. This pack of 100 waste sacks are engineered primarily for departmental & big office use and are compatible with the Rexel Auto+500X, Auto+500M, Auto+750X, Auto+750M, RLS32, RLX20, RLM11, RLSM9, RDS2250, RDS2270, RDX1850, RDX2070, RDM1150, RDM1170, RDSM750 and RDSM our telephone litre shredders.

Clear Bin Bags | packaging suppliers

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Polybags offers a fantastic range of products including:

Waste bags and sacks
Waste bags and sacks
Polybags stock a massive range of bin bags for any home, garden, office or building site. All sizes and types of bin are catered for, with coloured bags for recycling and specific warning sacks for specialist waste. Made from recycled film but very strong and durable, especially the ultra-thick heavy duty sacks, which can cope with any waste.
Mailing bags
Mailing and courier bags
Whatever you want to post, Polybags can cover your postage needs with this extensive range of mailing bags. Lightweight, waterproof and designed with a self-seal adhesive strip, courier bags are easy to use and will add a touch of professionalism to your delivery.
Presentation bags and retail bags
Rretail display bags
Make your products really sparkle with a fantastic range of crystal-clear presentation bags and retail display bags made from a polypropylene film - an alternative to cellophane that is stronger, cheaper and has higher clarity. For retailers who really want their products to stand out.
Carrier bags
Carrier bags
Choose from a huge variety of clear and coloured stocked carriers to suit your specific product. This wide range of standard or biodegradable bags includes vest, patch and premium handle styles and can be bought off the peg or customised with your own design.
Polythene tubing and sheeting
Polythene tubing
If you need to pack multiple items all of a similar width but of varying lengths, then polythene tubing - also known as layflat tubing - could be just what you need. Simply wrap your items and secure the ends with tape, clips or a heat sealer. Available in a range of widths and in light, medium or heavy duty polythene.
Grip seal and slider grip bags
Grip seal or self seal bags
Grip seal bags have a simple plastic seal allowing quick and easy storage of contents in the same bag time and time again. This wide range of bags, also known as self-seal bags, are perfect for contamination-free storage of anything from documents to tiny items such as electrical components.
Plain polythene bags
Plain packing bags
A range of plain polythene bags produced to meet any specification. This popular product range covers a multitude of uses, from food packaging to box liners or stocking nuts and bolts to protecting art and furniture in storage.
Bubble film and bubble bags
Bubble packaging
Ideal for the safe storage or postage of delicate items, bubble wrap or bubble-lined bags provide air-cushioned protection to items of all shapes and sizes.
Environmental bags
Environmental bags
Look out for the environment with this wide range of eco-friendly green products, including PolyBio and Biodegradable packaging. Developed in line with the latest research findings, this range of bags include kitchen waste and refuse bags, bin liners and carrier bags.
Garment bags and pallet covers
Garment and laundry covers
Look after your clothes with this excellent range of protective packaging, including dry cleaning covers, laundry collection bags, duvet and linen covers, available in clear or pre-printed form to meet your needs.
Specialist bags
Produce and paper bags
Food retailers will love this fantastic range of produce bags, made from ultra thin high density film, perfect for the economic bagging or wrapping of products in markets, shops or food courts. Alternatively, a huge range of paper bags is also available, ideal for take-away restaurants, delis and grocers, or wherever an alternative to polythene bags is required.
Transit packing
Vacuum bags
Perfect for the catering industry, vacuum packs are great for storing fish, meat, cooked and dried foods. They extend the food's shelf life by up to five times and they work on all major chamber vacuum sealers.
Bespoke carrier bags
Bespoke packaging
Polybags offers a range of bespoke packaging, including carrier bags and mailing bags printed with your very own company design or logo, to make a lasting positive impression with your customers. We also make a range of bespoke polythene products to order so, if you can't find the exact size or shape product you need, please get in touch and we'll do our best to meet your specific needs.